Safely working remotely

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As the Novel Coronavirus pandemic continues to greatly impact our nation, working from home is no longer an occasional benefit for many Americans, but is now a requirement for many businesses to continue operating safely and effectively. While working from home does come with its perks, there are many new cybersecurity risks created when employees make the transition to a remote work environment.

Moving your work from the office network to your home network sounds simple enough. However, it is important to keep in mind that your office network was carefully planned and secured with complex technologies to minimize the potential for threats from viruses and cyber criminals. 

Home networks largely do not have such technology and as such are much more vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

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Network Threats do Not Stop When the Office is Empty!

Having regular check-ins with your clients or their team members via video conference is a great way to answer any questions that they may have during this time, to keep engagement high, and to help keep safe practices in place.

Employees may get more comfortable with their work from home role, but we cannot let them forget to keep cybersecurity as a top concern.