The cost of hiring an on-site, dedicated IT technician can be astronomical and often a small or medium-sized business doesn't have that kind of capital, especially if they're just starting to grow. Usually, an in-house IT department is not needed for smaller enterprises to run efficiently and would be a waste of valuable resources. But when you do need an IT professional, you need to have someone you can trust to turn to who understands your network and your needs.

Whether it is helping you set up and secure a new server, keeping employee computers patched and updated, or offering 24/7 remote network monitoring, Network-iQ can help you with your busness IT needs We offer a professional and friendly team of experts to help with your everyday hourly and remote IT services.

When you bring Network-iQ's IT services on board your company's team, you bring the following, too:

Extensive Services

We can help you with every service, from remote viral protection to server and desktop support.

Software Training and Support

Not only are we there when your business needs help recuperating from a disaster, we can help train your team to help prevent the next one.

Personalized Support for Today’s evolving IT and Security Landscape

Whether it’s working closely with your current IT department to provide them the security expertise you need to achieve regulatory compliance, or taking over all your IT needs, let Network-iQ help you today.