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Disaster Recovery is More than Just Data Backup

Backups are just fancy copies of your data. Disaster recovery plans include backups, of course! However, a good disaster recovery plan will also include images - or snapshots - of the total information on your hard disks so that if the hardware in your servers, desktops, or laptops fails restoring them takes minutes rather than manually recreating them over hours or days. Disk imaging, data backups, cloud storage and centralized management of your information are necessary components and the backbone of an effective disaster recovery plan. And this is why we partnered with Iperius.

Centralized Control and Management of Your Backup and Recovery Solutions

Real Time Backup Monitoring

Centralized monitoring gives us the ability to check, test, change, verify, and restore your critical data at any time from anywhere. The mobile app gives you real time information on the status of your backup and restoration proceses.

Disk Imaging and Cloning

Setting up new machines can be costly. The hourly rates for a technician to set up your computers one by one can break your new computer budget very quickly.

We can clone your desktops, laptops, and servers so that setting up only one machine is necessary. The machine can be cloned on to all of the other hardware, saving time and money.

Taking regular disk images of all of your computers gives you options for complete restorations of entire disk structures rather than just data. If your computer is suffering from performance issues, has a virus, or just needs a refresh, restoring a disk image takes far less time than reinstalling your entire system from scratch.

Disaster Recovery

Recovering deleted or lost data is only one of several moving parts to an effective Disaster Recovery plan. How quickly you recover from a damaged server hard drive or an infected desktop is how quickly you restore productivity

System State and Bare Metal


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