Has your business been creating social media ads like crazy? You likely already know how time-consuming it is. If you’ve been hiring professionals to work on the images and copy, you also know how costly it gets, so why not look into the new Facebook generative AI feature?

If your business needs text and full-image generation, this Meta development could be an easy solution. It not only automates certain ad features but could produce your entire business campaign (based on preexisting ones). Learn more below.

Generative AI Imaging: Increased Visuals and Better Presentations

Generative AI imaging was the first updated element Meta released to the business world. For business owners, that means being able to reference original ad creatives and use the main subject in the ad’s picture. You can also attach image descriptions or prompts to create relevant yet unique ad images if you’re feeling creative.

Let’s say your company sells plants online, and you have an older social media ad campaign that depicts a few potted plants on a windowsill. You want more greenery, so you type a prompt saying, “Anthuriums and orchids surrounded by scattered leaves.” Right away, your new AI-generated image will alter the background of the original picture and even the plants themselves if you choose.

This generated content can also readjust the image’s aspect ratio effortlessly–expansion features automatically resize the image for different ad spots without affecting quality.

AI Systems Generating Text: Finding Your Voice

Just as important as the image is the text that completes your ad promotion. Facebook generative AI pulls inspiration from prior ads to create primary texts and headlines. Enter ideas for current text, and this handy generator will show you varying alternatives, perhaps from a more eye-catching angle.

Different Angles

You may run a coffee shop ad based off a previous headline that said, “Wake up with us today!” The AI could take this same idea from a different angle, like suggesting, “Don’t snooze away the opportunity to meet our team and entice your taste buds.” Sometimes, the change includes swapping out tired cliches for something fresh and exciting.

Different Selling Points

If your business starts using these AI tools to create ads, they’ll also determine the key selling points that made your previous ads successful and try to use this same approach. The goal of the AI’s research into emulating past successes is to maintain a high click-through rate for your business. Since it’s a learning process for the AI, your business will also see how it observes your past ad achievements to become more brand-aware and take on your company’s preferred voice.

Different Text

A text overlay is a sentence or two that appears above visual media, like videos and pictures. It might highlight important information or improve aesthetics with motion, color, size, and placement. AIs also bring out your branding in this form, inserting content, fonts, appealing features, and more.

The Future of AI Ad Generation

As Meta’s Facebook generative AI research updates, these tools should advance for even more exciting campaigns. Your business may also want to peruse Meta’s new large language model–Llama 3– to wield these tools!

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